With this introduction to Our History we wish to convey the essence of our passion for bringing the ultimate reproduction of musical arts to our partners and to the consumers of the products we proudly represent. As former musicians, long time audio enthusiasts, and former retail experts, we’ll approach your audio and business needs as few traditional audio equipment distributers will.

Our History

High Fidelity Services is distinguished by its unique and diverse background, one you will rarely find in high performance audio. Our audio roots trace back to the 60s while entertaining ourselves with our parents’ massive audio consoles. The music of the 50s and 60s engulfed us first hand. At the same time, we studied to be musicians learning fundamentals laid down for us by big band swing music of the 20s, 30s, and 40s, classical music, Mississippi Delta blues, musical genres imported to America and, of course, rock n’ roll. When we weren’t playing music, we were listening to it on any equipment that we could find. Enter the audio “bug” and the influence of yesteryear’s friendly “neighborhood HiFi shop”!

During those years the cultural emphasis on music fueled the audio industry and launched the high fidelity consumer market. Simply put, the audio market dwarfed the video industry. Today, the culture could not be more different. As a full service audio retailer through the last decade, we at HFS embraced changes in music and musical tastes while also supporting changes in the media used to access that music. Since then, the proliferation of consumer electronic products of all types has simply “exploded”, very possibly resulting in more supply than demand. Does this mean that we are biased toward the past, or that today’s music does not warrant the best in audio equipment for its reproduction? Absolutely not!

The ability of audio gear to access and reproduce the extraordinary music of all eras, including today’s music, has never been more exciting. Furthermore, as importers and distributors, we embrace any and all methods of listening to music, regardless of budget or musical taste. The more important objective for HFS is to assist in reemphasizing the beauty of music and to therefore assist our specialist retail partners with their efforts to provide the public an experience that effectively introduces them to the rewards of listening to music at its finest.

To this end, our formal credentials in engineering and manufacturing assist us in understanding and embracing the finest in technology and quality products available in these exciting times. Our formal business training allows us to approach our industry with an eye toward practical business sense, with the hope of helping our partners flourish. We understand the technology, roots, and vision behind our products. As well, we at HFS consider the manufacturers that we work with to be partners as well as friends with a common passion. Given the many fine products that are available these days, we hope for the opportunity to introduce you to our own offerings as well as our practical, devoted methods of distribution employed in support of them.