Our Philosophy

A note to our specialist retail partners and prospective new specialist retailers:

When discussing the state our industry, I am all too often reminded of the fact that we live in interesting and rapidly changing retail audio times. The days of common “friendly neighborhood HiFi shops” referenced in Our History have passed in many markets. Add to this, the proliferation of the internet, the ease of entry for many unqualified businesses, and the methods by which the general public now shops for products, and it only reinforces that our culture is rapidly changing. I do not need to outline how this has affected each and every one of our businesses, not to mention the high fidelity audio industry as a whole.

What I will say, however, is that High Fidelity Services has been formed to provide a fresh and genuine perspective on the subject of sales and distribution of exclusive high performance/high value audio equipment. We know our products are among the highest quality products available and, when assembled with the correct systems, are unrivaled in performance. As such, we expect and demand that the sales approach for our offerings be on a par with the finest, most exclusive products in the world, regardless of industry. To accomplish this in support of our specialist retail partners as well as end consumers spending hard earned money, our expectations and specialist retailer requirements are considerable. Our objective is to create and support a limited, yet high quality specialist retail network while also working collectively with our manufacturers, ultimately resulting in the highest level of pride of ownership, brand loyalty, and product resale value for the consumer.

Our products and methodologies may not represent a fit for every business, but those specialist retailers that are genuinely interested in the sustainability and the healthy growth of their businesses as well as the loyalty of their clients are assured my commitment to providing the highest level of service and support.


Paul Manos