Jack Roberts, a great reviewer for years at Dagogo has reinvented himself as The Audio Beatnik and had some kind words to share with the world about the NEAT Acoustics Iota ALPHA speakers in our LA Audio Show Room 308.

To quote Jack “The NEAT Acoustics Iota Alpha loudspeakers were one of the few jaw-dropping experiences at the show for me and for others in the room when I was there.”  And then he goes on to say, “So, what was so jaw-dropping? It was the sheer physicality and power of their sound along with a refinement and low-level detail that was amazing. The guy from NEAT Acoustics said that normally they were paired with a Naim integrated amp or some other British amp. This combo would certainly give a great sound for those who live in a smaller space.”

The guy from NEAT Acoustics” he refers to would be Mr. Doug Graham, who as one of the individuals who introduced Naim Audio to the world and made it what it is today. Doug would know what he’s talking about when speaking about Naim or other British amplification and NEAT Acoustics speakers. Many years ago when Bob Surgeoner was just beginning to introduce the world to his NEAT Acoustics speakers, Doug loaned Bob Surgeoner a Naim Audio system for the event.

And, while Jack makes no mention of the input of the fine associated components such as Signal Projects Audio Lynx Series cabling, the AnalogueWorks TT2 turntable, Vibex power conditioning, and the fine electronics from Audia Flight, we can rest assured that they were 100% behind the mighty Iota ALPHA and its larger brother the Ultimatum XLS.