Neat Acoustics’ original Iota was a huge success and ongoing marvel since its introduction in 2011. Few loudspeakers have generated the “wow factor” or joy in such small form factor. The idea of a low-profile floor standing version has garnered intrigue ever since. Objectives for the new model were to simply build in the exceptional abilities of the Iota but in a floor standing, full-range configuration.

This was easier said than done of course, but according to what we’ve heard at our HFS facility, and those who heard it at recent overseas hi-fi shows, the Iota ALPHA delivers 100% on Neat’s target. At a mere 17.7 inches tall, the Iota ALPHA can be placed discretely in most any room, yet it delivers a genuine full-range musical experience on a scale that suggests a far bigger and more expensive loudspeaker.

Neat Acoustics